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Digital and Offline Marketing Campaign

Digital Flyer (Online & Offline campaign)
Digital Flyer (Online & Offline campaign)
Enhanced Digital and Offline Marketing Campaign
Idea and Concept Generation
We Conceptualised, giving the idea real added value out of ideas. We create mental and abstract from what the client wanted to achieve from their campaign. Design - to us means conceiving  in out minds exactly what you want no matter how vaguely you describe it. We worked with the client and came up with a initial design, that blew the client's mind. Sat again with the client to collect their thoughts.
Final Design and Option
We the gave the client  options to the final design.
Option 1 (Alternative Choice)
Option 2 (Client's Choice)
All our designs addressed the client's campaign objectives taking into consideration the target market and enhanced both digital and offline marketing. This is a form of marketing that can be both entirely offline, and/or entirely electronic or both. We delivered both designs and monitored the client's campaign. The results of the campaign were phenomenal, the client's reach increased by over 480% and conversions increase by at least 40%.