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Converting Digital Marketing Campaigns

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There hasn’t been any fire that burnt business laws, so stop paying for what is not working or giving you high Returns on your Investment. If your digital marketing is not achieving the intended goals or reaching the intended audiences , its time to straighten that bone. We offer full fledged and the ultimate digital marketing services for unprecedented growth. No kidding we are not here to bluff… we here to integrate world class tools and techniques that will skyrocket your sales conversions.

Increase in Search Traffic
Increase in Mobile Visits
Increase in Pageviews

Digital Services

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Optimise Your Web Architecture & Organic Searchable Data. SEO is key to increasing your Traffic through organic searches by ranking higher than your competitors for searches of certain keywords and appearing on the first pages on Search Engines, but what do you need to optimise and how? Our technical audits and optimisation focuses on current pertinent search engines factors with emphasis on usability, accessibility and quality:

Domain Authority Factors
Back Linking Strategy
Key words & long tail phrases

Website design Level Factors

Page Speed Level Factors

Special Google Algorithm
Technical SEO
Social Signals

User Interaction

Mobile Responsiveness

Increase your website Visitors

Let us optimise your website so you can get more and more traffic over time, and which will mean more leads and sales. Stop the guessing game let searchers find your site, and let the professionals handle your SEO.

Monetize your Organic Traffic

In our quest to help you rank higher and convert more customers we will share with you essential SEO ranking factors you need to dominate search. You are guaranteed a well-optimized site and digital campaigns that bring you more business .

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): High converting digital marketing campaigns are a rare occurrence when you are playing the guessing game. Get your money’s worth, boost your ROI in the hundreds of percentage points by letting professionals from Loops24 handle your paid ADs. We have dedicated and focused expertise in SEM categories and subcategories that will increase your leads and conversions while you spend less:

Search Marketing: Branding
Search Marketing (PPC)
Landing Pages

Search Retargeting

Mobile Search Marketing

Search Marketing Public Relations
Search Marketing: Search Term Research
Search Marketing: Shopping Search Marketing

Paid Social Advertising

Display Advertising

Get expert real-SEM advice and analysis

Bridge the significant gap between your spend on paid search and your anticipated outcomes. Get more out of very little, let Loops24 experts handle your paid search marketing.

Increase your Sales through Paid Search

Increase the visibility of your brand, garner for a good ROI with all your digital marketing campaigns. Begin a more effective digital marketing spell get more bang for your buck.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): We have mastered incredibly powerful ways of growth hacking businesses through various Social Media platforms suited for different types of businesses. We make it our mandate to keep abreast with the new algorithms and developments to better manage all social medial and digital marketing campaigns for our clients, without spending needlessly.

Develop Content (Video, Podcasts, Images)
Streamline social media platforms
Integrate the Most effective Social Media Tools

News Jacking
Use Google Alerts
Measure your impact and adjust accordingly

Increase your social reach

We will make your visual or audio content easy to share on social media, and encourage your existing followers to share through posting great content consistently. We create a strong call to action for your content, place it on relevant digital marketing channels where your target audience spend their time.

Reach new audience, increase traffic

We will do an in-depth research into your new audience and discover how and where they consume content. Reach out to key influencers and consider using paid both organic and ads to gain traction for all your digital marketing efforts to get you brand out there.

E-mail Marketing (EM): Do you ever think about how your email marketing campaigns can increase your leads and reduce you bounce rate? Have you ever considered how you can grow your email list and re-market in Gmail or other email providers, or how you can take it a step further? Here are some of the things we can do for you:

Collect Emails and build your List
Monetize our Email List
Track your Emails

Boost the deliverability of your email campaigns.
Segment your Email List
Use Clever Opt-ins

Getting leads to respond to emails

We will track your emails with email marketing tools of your choice so that you can view reports on your campaigns and fix any flaws that are lowering your ROI.

Start gaining attention from leads

We help brands overcome the challenges that stand in the way of optimal inboxing, by intergrting Lifecycle Marketing into every campaign among other tactics.

Mobile Marketing (MM): Build and reach your audience and achieve greater brand positioning and drive more relevant customers to your business. Mobile marketing a key tactic to grow your business in this day and age. People are using their mobile devices to search for goods and services more than 70% of the time. Let us help you to trigger action and tramp your competition. How will we do this ? Well!!! by targeting your marketing campaigns to mobile device users. We have an array of tools, tips and strategies that include:

Making you website mobile friendly and navigable
Creating mobile friendly content and quick access
Getting your brand out there using mobile ads

Getting your business on the local map
Creating and marketing your mobile apps
Ad campaigns that run through multiple channels including [SMSs]

Get more out of your Mobile Marketing, reach the right audience.

These tips and strategies barely scratch the surface, when it come to what we can do for you. Talks to us and will be more than happy to make get your share of mobile devise users.

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns

We use Location-based analytics to evaluate which competitive locations your audience also visit to influence that audience and increase the efficiency of your digital marketing ad spend.

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Profitable Collaboration with Loops 24

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Optimise your website
for both desktop and mobile views
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Reduce your cost per lead
through clear digital marketing guidelines
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Increase your engagement
used cues and text tips for directed customer opt-ins
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Build your links
Connect you with relevant connections.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Simple actionable strategies

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Lead generation
The end goal is to generate new leads who will eventually become paying customers using high converting digital marketing sales funnels.
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Email marketing.
This is one of the strongest marketing channels to make a profit and reach your business targets
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Social media marketing
Leverage the best social media campaigns and techniques used by world class marketers.

Ready to

Boost your website

Get more productive hacks and skyrocket your relevant traffic. Build your email list, social media targeting and re-targeting , trip-wires for easy opti0ns, advanced growth hacks, Address your customers’ pain points giving them no choice buy to buy from you and keep searching for more on your website.

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